The Water Science and Engineering Laboratory (WSEL) maintains documentation for safety and procedures in the laboratory. Copies may be requested at any time from the main laboratory office.

All WSEL users must meet with the safety officer (James Lazarcik) prior to participating in research activities. The safety officer will provide a safety tour of the building, safety glasses (if needed) and a copy of the WSEL Chemical Hygiene/Safety Plan. This Safety Plan must be reviewed, and signed documentation provided that this has occurred. The signed document will be stored at WSEL.

UW-Madison Health and Safety Department (EHS), Phone 265-5000

UW Safety Department safety training classes:

Material Safety Data Sheet Request Form:

UW-Madison Health and Safety Department’s safety guide:

The WSEL safety committee meets annually (or as needed) to address safety concerns, provide guidance in regard to safety implementation and to review/update the WSEL Chemical Hygiene/Safety Plan.